5 Reasons Why You Need Wool Dryer Balls For Zero Waste Laundry

     Wool dryer balls have been around forever, but only recently they have come under the spotlight in the zero waste community, and for all the right reasons. Not only are they natural and chemical-free but they also save you a lot of money! Let’s take a closer look at our top 5 reasons.

Natural and chemical-free

     Wool is a textile fiber you get from sheep and other animals. In the spring, when sheep do not need such a thick protective coating, the wool gets sheared off. It benefits both parties, because if the sheep keeps growing its wool, it will become overheated in warm summer climates and can develop infections since wool traps debris and dirt. The wool is subsequently processed by being washed, sorted, and spun into yarn. In this process, very little chemicals are used to achieve the desired yarn- acid is used in the early stage to dissolve the oils and debris, then the acid gets neutralized and wool is washed with a detergent. Therefore, wool is quite gentle on those with sensitive skin, which also makes it a perfect solution for a chemical- and irritant-free laundry drying accessory. Unlike wool balls, typical dryer sheets contains cationic surfactants or fatty acids that help with static, as well as fragrances that give the laundry that great smell. Some individuals are allergic to artificial fragrances or chemical additives and so cannot use those. 

Faster drying time

     The purpose of the wool balls is to create space between your garments and allow the warm air flow to pass through. This way, the water is evaporated much faster. We all had to deal with bed sheets or towels that even after 45 minutes of drying still came out damp. That is because they tend to gather in one big ball of fabric and tumble with its core unavailable to the warm air. When the wool balls bounce around the dryer, they fluff the clothes and reduce drying times by 10 to 25%. It also helps that wool conducts heat and becomes quite hot, aiding in the drying process.

Reduces static and wrinkles

     The benefits do not stop here, however. Wool also helps with static in your laundry. Why? Because it will absorb the moisture from the surrounding wet clothes in the beginning of the cycle and then maintain a more humid environment during the cycle. You just need to make sure you use the time dry function instead of using the sensor (if applicable) because the dryer will keep sensing humidity of the balls and can super fry your clothes. Also, since the balls do not let your clothes get compacted, they help with reducing wrinkling. 

Lasts years and saves money

     Let’s talk about money. Everybody likes to save and laundry time can be an expensive affair in a big family. Your 6-pack of wool dryer balls cost $27 CAD and lasts between 2 to 5 years! Compared to an average of $5.00 CAD for a pack of dryer sheets, your buck can go way further with the former option. 

Dryer sheets are not eco-friendly

     Dryer sheets are made of polyester fibers that are non recyclable or biodegradable. In addition, the chemicals that are used to reduce static cannot go into any composter, green bin or recycling bin. After use, dryer sheets must go into garbage and that is just not right. Agree?