If you want to reduce the amount of waste generated in your home, the bathroom is the easiest place to start. There is a myriad of products in the market that are reusable and compostable with performance that rivals existing single-use items. Gradual switching to these items guarantees you seeing your trash basket shrink. Check out our compiled list of zero waste solutions.

1. Facial rounds

Cotton balls have been around forever, but they are not as innocent as they look. Cotton is usually bleached and contains chemicals that does not allow them to be composted. Especially if you are using them to remove makeup, they have to end up in a landfill, because cosmetics cannot go to compost. Switching to cotton facial rounds allows you to do the same things you do with balls but with the added benefit of not repurchasing. Just use, wash and repeat. The flat, round surface provides more coverage for application of facial toners or removing makeup. They don't pill or leave any fibers behind. This investment will last you over 1 year, which is far longer than the cotton ball.

2. Bamboo toothbrush and floss

Dental care is a very important part of health maintenance, and it is not something that should be skipped. However, it is not an excuse to be a source of pollution. Dental floss usually ends up in a landfill because it is too small to be detected by a sorting facility and the same can be said of a toothbrush, therefore these two things go into the trash can. By switching to a bamboo toothbrush and mulberry silk floss, you no longer must toss them in the trash, rather, they go into a green bin, composter or just plain soil.

3. Cleansers

We live in a time where solid cleansers worked their way up to be just as effective as the liquid counterparts. The bonus here is that solid cleansers do not require plastic or any other kind of packaging- the perfect zero waste example. Shampoo and conditioner bars are becoming increasingly popular as they can cater to any hair type. This is a fantastic way to reduce your bathroom waste. Switch up your bottle of shampoo for a bar, your body cleansers for a soap and your shaving gel for a shave bar. You can even use your conditioner bar as a substitute for a shave bar. Double savings!

4. Swabs

No bathroom is complete without the swabs. It is such a staple in the home. This staple, however, is usually made of a plastic rod. Switch it for a bamboo version because after use, you can compost it or place them in the green bin. If you really want to crank up your zero waste journey, you can switch to a silicone swab. It is reusable, easily washable and lasts for years.

5. Period care

All the ladies like to be prepared for that time of the month so it is no surprise to see a stockpile of period care - pads, tampons, liners. After use, all of these end up in a landfill where they sit for over 500 years, slowly degrading. This is definitely not a sustainable option. Nowadays, there are period underwear, reusable pads and cups, all meant to eliminate waste associated with menstruation. Reusable pads are very comfortable and allow more airflow since they are made of cotton. They are easy to care for, do not leak, last over 1 year and cost under $30.