Gift Guide for Sustainable Holidays  

       Is it too early to talk about holiday gifting? Not a chance. With BFCM, thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas coming up, tons of shopping is on the horizon so it is better to talk about sustainable gifting ahead of time. We all love gifting, giving as much as receiving, but it is not always easy to gift. What if you do not know what to get the other person? What if what they want is not available? What if you are on a strict budget with 15 people to get gifts for? In this blog we will give you plenty of options that will make gifting easy and sustainable.

  1. Opt for services or experiences instead of material gift.

There are numerous immaterial gift options that will sure leave a lasting impression. Spa treatments are great way to pamper with massages, facials, or hair treatments. There are also museum or concert tickets to offer. On the other had, you can give experiences such as educational courses from Udemy (average cost of $20.00) or even vouchers for repairs or oil change.

  1. Make a gift yourself.

This requires more planning ahead but is totally worth it. Why not plant some herbs and gift them when they sprout? Herbs like parsley, dill and chives are very resilient and do not require a lot of maintenance. They also sprout quickly so you do not need to wait long to gift. If the receiver is not into cooking with herbs, you can plant some flowers instead and give those instead of purchasing at the store.

Planting is not your forte? No problem. Why not find a recipe and make some cookies or jam?

  1. If you really want to present a boxed gift.

It is by far more sustainable to give items that were preloved than made new so give a try to thrifting. You can save a lot shopping this way and chances are you will find some serious treasure. Check out a local thrift store or antiques shop for inspiration.

Apply this thinking when it comes to jewelry as well. Gold is very expensive to the planet to obtain- for every kilogram of gold 1250 tons of rock must be mined. It is more sustainable to purchase used jewelry and get it reshaped to your specs than buy new.

In case you do not know what to get the other, there are kits you can get that are versatile and fun. Kits can be made of anything- food, body care, or lifestyle. These are very popular since they offer a few items from a category and can be appealing to anybody. Check out our curated kits here.

  1. If nothing else, there is always a gift card.

If absolutely none of the options above get you excited about gifting, there is a gift card. Better to give someone a chance to get what they want rather than end up with the present they will not use.