When instant coffee was invented in 1881, it became a sensation for everyone, since making the drink was no longer a laborious task. The taste, however, was not comparable to the traditional way of making coffee so not everyone saw it as a good alternative. Skip ahead to many decades later and coffee making robots came about, where you get the instant coffee drink without the instant taste. Although the hype of Keurigs, Tassimos and Nespressos is still there, people quickly realised that this is not the most eco-friendly way to make java. The single-use pods are not recyclable nor are they compostable. Each pod goes straight for the landfill, even if it is made of bioplastic and advertised as biodegradable. Luckily, reusable pods were invented to help you get that tasty brew without the guilt of polluting the planet. The pod is a perfect choice for those who want to swap single-use pods, but to prepare your dream brew there are certain steps you need to take. Here we list the steps on how to use a Keurig reusable pod.

  1. Pick the right kind of beans. Reusable cups require ground coffee, not instant, so go to your local source and get beans of your favourite flavour, whether fruity, spicy or woody. 
  2. Get the right grind. Either purchase your own grinder or get the coffee shop to grind your beans for you. The trick here is not to grind it too finely or too coarsely. Coarsely ground beans will produce light flavored coffee because there is less bean surface exposed for water to extract all the flavors and oils. Finely ground beans are best for full bodied brew. Too finely ground coffee will simply clog the machine and not let much water get through. If you are opting for your own grinder, pick a burr grinder over blade because the grounds will be more even in size.
  3. When packing your pod, do not compress the grinds but do fill it up for best taste. 
  4. Run the pod through your Keurig system and enjoy.
  5. Recycle your ground coffee by composting as they make a great fertilizer.