The Mind Behind Neatly Artwork

When we were creating Neatly, the multi-purpose cleaner, we wanted to make a positive impact not just on the environment but also on the visual appeal of the packaging. Since none of us are artists, we decided to contact our long-time favourite artist Blindfish to see if he wanted to collaborate on this project. It was exciting to hear that he was on board, after we explained what our goals are. The artwork ended up looking better than we could ever imagine. We decided to have an interview with Blindfish to introduce the mind behind Neatly art.

1. Tell us a bit about how you developed into an artist you are today? 

    A lot of what I am doing now has been shaped by the graphic novel I am currently working on. Lately, it's been a about drawing in a sketchbook to an existing script to tell a sequential story than making impulsive images.

 2. What type of art you enjoy making the most?

    All kinds. Although I am mostly drawing (and adding color digitally) I also work in oils and alkyds.

3. Why did you decide to work with Dew South on Neatly project?

   It's a great product. There is still so much unnecessary waste. We should all help the environment in any way we can. It's great to apply my abilities to a product that makes a difference.

 4. What inspired you to create the artwork on Neatly?

   When the project was proposed to me I immediately thought of the birth of Venus and the idea of renewal brought forth from the sea.

 5. How do you feel about global climate issues we are facing today?

   It's a little scary. We obviously aren't doing enough to turn things around but there are so many small thing we can all do everyday—from using smarter products to advocating for greener legislation.

 6. What has been your most successful project in your career?

   I try to view them all as successful.  I guess the projects I enjoy the most are the ones where I am allowed to express my ideas without too much interference. I used to do a lot of op/ed work for magazines and newspapers and was usually given free range when expressing ideas or interpreting written opinions.

 7. Is art your career or a hobby for now?

    It's a career. I do both illustration and gallery work as well as art direction.

 8. Do you have a portfolio/Instagram that you'd like to share?

   I am probably most visible on Instagram @blindfish1. I also maintain a site: