Facial Rounds


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Made from Soft Sustainable Bamboo

Multipurpose facial rounds are perfect for your daily face care routine. These luxuriously soft rounds are far superior to single-use cotton rounds. Remove your makeup, nail polish, or facial mask without excess rubbing as they are highly absorbent and gentle on skin. Each pad is sewn with two layers of bamboo fiber. The rounds will not shrink post washing and will not lose their softness over time.

Our delicately soft facial rounds are made of bamboo fibre, as opposed to cotton. Why did we stray from cotton? It takes 101 gallons of water to produce just one pound of cotton, not to mention that the vast majority of cotton in the world is grown using huge amounts of chemicals and pesticides. That residue can transfer into those single-use cotton balls and rounds, which you probably don’t want getting absorbed into your skin. With our bamboo facial rounds, your skin care routine will actually help you to care for your skin.

Product Description

  • Diameter: 8 cm or 3.15"
  • Includes 10 sustainably sourced bamboo fiber rounds 
  • Includes 1 mesh bag for washing and storage

Customer Reviews

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Jeunne S

I got my facial pads today and very surprised by how soft they are. Very gentle on the face and the bag that came with it makes it very easy to store and clean! I love that I am able to take care of my face and the environment as well. Worth it!

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