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Kitchen is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to waste. Plastic dish sponges, paper towels, cling wrap are one of the few examples of how we contribute to plastic pollution. On average, in America, 400 million sponges are tossed out every year and 2.8 million tonnes of cling wrap is disposed of. Time to make a change in the right direction with this beautifully curated kit.

This kit includes a Swedish cloth, famous for its high absorbency and sponge-like performance. The cloth is made to replace all those paper towels and is manufactured from cellulose which can be composted at the end of its life. The sisal scrubber is a good way of getting rid of burnt-on food and any tough stains that need a little scrubbing. Natural loofah replaces the dishwashing sponge and will go into the composting bin once it retires. As for storage solutions, we offer beeswax wraps to keep your foods fresh and covered. The next time you want to reach for saran wrap, go for the beeswax wrap instead as it will keep your foods sealed and oceans plastic-free. This bundle provides a 9% discount compared to individual cost.

This kit includes:

1 x Swedish dishcloth 

1 x bamboo scrubber

3 x dishwashing loofahs

3 x beeswax wraps (L 13” x 14”,M 10” x 11”,S 7” x 8”)

Customer Reviews

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Jess P.
So cute!

I originally bought this as a gift but after receiving it I realized I wanted one for myself. I got the pineapple wraps and they are so adorable on my dishes. Really good quality and they cling well to the dishes.

Meghan M.
Good starter kit

I got the morning dew kit and it is good if you are starting out on a zero waste journey. The scrubber is my favourite as it cleans stubbor messes faster than my usual sponge.

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