Consumers are waking up to a new reality where their purchases cause a major impact on the environment. Our race for everything efficient and on the go has cost us our oceans, our fresh waters, flora and fauna. Ecosystems are becoming polluted, endangered and destroyed because we, as consumers, create too much that ends up in landfills. Now, people and countries are coming together to create a “zero waste” movement; a goal towards reducing consumption and thereby reducing waste. Dew South is a proud supporter of this movement, and as zero waste product suppliers, we want to help each and everybody in their journey towards reducing their carbon footprint.

     Dew South was born out of the need to do something about the degrading quality of life and environment. As a biochemist, I knew the implications of water pollution and soil pollution. Consumerism needs to be redirected from superfluous to mindful and sustainable so that less waste is generated and our flora and fauna can prosper. I began the journey of procuring items that are meant to last, more than once and more than twice.

   Our sustainable goods store, based out of Orillia in Ontario, offers waste-free cleaning products that serve as tools in reducing waste. From your kitchen to your personal care routine, we offer zero waste essentials that will eliminate the single-use products and replace it with durable and long-lasting reusable supplies.

  Our kitchen offers thermos bottles, straws, storage containers, beeswax wraps and many other items. Personal care collection has solid bar soaps, face soaps and our most popular items- shampoo and conditioner bars. Solid cleansers offer no packaging, thereby eliminating wasteful plastic wrapping. Other than cleansers, you can browse our bamboo toothbrushes, silicone swabs, cotton facial rounds and natural deodorants. Facial rounds are a great alternative to single-use cotton rounds as they are more durable and absorbent. They can be used for facial care to apply toners or remove masks. They can even be used to remove nail polish. We also offer a shopping bags and totes collection, where you can become a proficient zero waste shopper. No more plastic bags from stores as you can bring your own reusable ones. Totes and mesh bags cover all your shopping needs.

   We are constantly working on gathering more sustainable products that will enrich your life and save the planet from more plastic pollution.