Swedish dishcloth- replaces 17 rolls of paper towels. It is fully washable, bleachable and best part- fully compostable as it is made of cellulose.

Bamboo straws (set of 6)- made of one of the best renewable materials, bamboo straws elevate any drinking time. The set comes with a cleaning brush to keep them in top shape.

Sisal scrubber- made of bamboo handle and sisal fibers, this scrubber brings tough stain removal to your house without any plastic. Fully recyclable or compostable.

Tea infuser- beauty and functionality in one. This tea infuser makes fantastic addition to the kitchen of tea lovers. It is the best way to enjoy tea and skipping the bagged tea that leach plastics into your brew. Rose gold is plated on top of food grade steel that will not come off over time and will always serve as a conversation piece.

Neatly- the next-generation cleaner that actually works. A concentrate made of biodegradable surfactants can clean a multitude of surfaces such as glass, marble, granite and appliances- all without streaks or marks. One box gives you 3L of powerful and eco-friendly cleaner.

Bamboo cutlery set- roll up to your lunch in style with these bamboo utensils. Easily washed and reused, they are lightweight and is a great addition to your lunchbox or picnic.

Natural loofah (set of 3)- replaces your plastic sponge in the kitchen, or a plastic wash cloth in your shower. This loofah is fully compostable and dries fast to prevent bacteria growth.