1 x Moroccan Rose Facial Soap- Made with black olives and olive oil, the Buck Naked Beldi black soap family recipe, is naturally rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. Scented with Moroccan rose and vanilla you’ll be transported to the Valley of Roses in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.

1 x Facial rounds (pack of 10)- made of the softest bamboo fiber, these facial rounds will take care of your delicate skin. Use it to apply toner or rinse off masks. These rounds come with a mesh bag for easy wash and storage.

2 x Bamboo toothbrush- made of renewable bamboo, these brushes have soft bristles which will not make your sensitive gums bleed. Beautiful design for a standalone feature if you are into a minimalist and sleek look. Compostable after use, however, the bristles need to be removed first.

1 x Dental floss- this floss is made of mulberry silk which makes it easily compostable after use. It is strong and slides smoothly between teeth. Has a minty fresh scent for the senses.

1 x Soap saver- made of sisal fiber, this soap saver will let you get the most out of your soap slivers and it doubles-up as an exfoliating cloth. At the end of its life, just toss it into a compost bin as it is fully degradable.

1 x Chamomile and Calendula Castile soap- the gentlest soap for the softest skin. Made with a small list of natural vegan ingredients, it respects the skin barrier and is safe for baby's skin too.

1 x Daytona shampoo bar- probably one of the best plastic-free personal care solutions out there these days. This bar is made with salon quality ingredients and smells like heavenly tangerines. SLS-free and vegan, this shampoo is for normal to oily hair types.

1 x Daytona conditioner bar- this conditioner bar will make your hair feel silky smooth while transporting you into a garden of citrus and tangerine. 

1 x Soap dish- to keep your shampoo, conditioner and soap bars lasting longer, you have to make sure that they are quickly dried after use. This dish perfectly complements and completes this job. Made of diatomaceous earth, it is highly porous and wicks away moisture in a matter of minutes. 

1 x Lip balm- praised by so many, this balm with take care of your lips like no other. Made of organic sunflower oil and beeswax, each balm moisturizes and protects. It also has scents to die for!