Natural Bamboo Drinking Straws


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 Canadians use 57 million straws every day and that is a staggering amount for the kind of trash that ends up in landfill or the ocean. Small plastics like straws cannot be recycled because of their size. However, when a straw ends up in the ocean, it is easily ingestible by large fish and mammals, causing them enormous harm. It is time to elevate your zero waste lifestyle with these bamboo straws and ditch the plastic ones. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing trees and is a renewable source of material.

Length: 19cm /7.48in

Outer diameter: 7mm

Inner diameter: 5mm 

 What's included:

6 x straws 

1 x cleaning brush

1 x storage bag


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Thaiza Rodrigues

I am sooo satisfied with my new product. It’s a great alternative!

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