Travel Case for Hair Bars


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The soap dish fits within the travel case!  Use the soap dish and lid day to day.  To maximize the life of the bar store on the soap dish and just use the travel case when travelling.

This travel case is the ultimate caretaker of your solid shampoo and conditioner bars. It comes with a drying rack for your bars that is removable and can comfortably fit two bars. Once the travelling mood overwhelms you, pack your duo of bars into this travel case and you are set.

Typically, each bar should last as long as 2-3 bottles of liquid product with proper care. To care for your barson a daily basis, take out the drying rack from the travel case and use it to dry your wet bars in a well-ventilated area. When you travel, pack the drying rack and the bars into the case.

The travel case is made of recycled plastic that is 3D printed from material used to package raw ingredients for the bars. This is the ultimate in zero waste hair care, no packaging, no leftovers, no fuss.

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